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Book an in-store appointment

As a new starter, trying on a brand new uniform is the start of a very exciting journey. We love being a part of this experience and want to make sure it’s as special as it should be.

That’s where our personalised store appointments come in. Booking a 1:1 appointment with our expert store staff will provide you with all the compulsory, essential and accessory items you’ll need for your new school. You’ll even receive sizing and measuring help so that you can be confident in your purchases.

Booking an appointment

It's easy, simply fill out the form below. Our store appointments not only make shopping for uniforms a breeze but mark the start of your child’s new school journey.

Booking an appointment with us means we can kit your child out with their new uniform and sportswear in one simple shop.

 It's encouraged that you to book 1:1 appointment in advance at your local store. We will be able to accept walk-ins but please be aware that without an advance booking, there may be a wait to see one of our team.

How to book

  1. Select which school your child will be attending.
  2. Select from our list of stores that supply your school.
  3. Choose a day and time that suits you, and follow the booking steps.
  4. Provide your details, this helps us make sure your appointment is quick and easy.
  5. You will get an email confirmation, please save the email if you need to cancel/change your appointment.
Please note: For some stores, bookings are only available from July. If you receive a ‘no availability’ message, click through on the calendar to search for availability in July.

Book your appointment